Use the air conditioner wisely to turn off the engine when it stops, here are tips for saving fuel when going home

[ad_1] When traveling back and forth there are several things that must be considered in order to save fuel oil (BBM).

Also on long distance trips, you have to be smart to adjust the speed of the car and use the air conditioner.

That’s because, you definitely don’t want to spend excess money to continue to fill up fuel.

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It takes strategy and also careful planning so that your trip back and forth can be smooth and efficient in terms of refueling.

however, if you are still confused about saving fuel during the 2023 homecoming season, here is the complete guide.

Travel planning

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Create efficient travel routes and avoid congested routes. Use apps or websites that provide real-time traffic information to help you find the fastest route and avoid traffic jams.

Vehicle maintenance

Make sure your vehicle is in good condition before going home. Check tire pressure, check air filter, change oil if necessary, and make sure your vehicle’s engine is running smoothly. Vehicles that are properly maintained will be more efficient in using fuel.

Consistent with speed

Use a consistent speed and avoid driving too fast or too slow. Do not frequently speed up or suddenly decelerate your vehicle as this will reduce fuel efficiency.

Avoid carrying excess goods


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