After doing homecoming, immediately inspect this car part to the workshop! Don’t Wait for it to Break

[ad_1] – After doing homecoming, it’s a good idea to immediately check the parts of your car. There is no need to wait for monthly maintenance, but it is obligatory for you to check the condition of your car after going home.

Traveling long and far when going home, definitely exhausting. Both you as a passenger and also a car as an intermediary that takes you to your hometown.

Therefore, you must check your car. Is something broken and something is reduced or not.

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After traveling back and forth by car, there are several parts of the car that need to be checked so that the car remains in good condition and safe for use on the next trip. Some of the parts that need to be checked are as follows:


Make sure the condition of the car engine is in good condition, check engine oil, radiator water and battery water. If there are signs of damage or leakage, take it to a repair shop immediately.

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Checking this section includes brakes, suspension, tires and wheels. Check the tire pressure again, make sure the brakes are still in good condition and not worn out, and check if there are foreign objects stuck to the tires.

Electrical system

Checking the electrical system includes checking the condition of the battery, spark plug wires, lights and other electricity. Make sure the battery is still in good condition and doesn’t run out, and make sure all the car’s lights and electricity are functioning properly.

car air conditioner

Make sure the car air conditioner is functioning properly and does not emit an unpleasant odor. Check the condition of the rubber on the AC pipe and make sure there are no leaks.



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