Get to know LCGC cars, a solution for those of you who have mediocre funds but want to have a private vehicle

[ad_1] – LCGC (Low Cost Green Car) car is a car category introduced by the Indonesian government in 2013.

LCGC cars are designed to provide more affordable and fuel-efficient vehicles for the people of Indonesia.

LCGC cars have certain specifications that must be met, such as an engine with a capacity of under 1,200cc and a minimum fuel consumption of 20 km per liter.

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LCGC cars are usually sold at a more affordable price than standard cars, thus making LCGC cars an alternative for people who want to own a private car but with a limited budget.

In addition, LCGC cars are also expected to help reduce exhaust emissions that have an impact on the environment, so they are also called “Green Cars”.

As for the advantages and disadvantages of LCGC cars, they include:

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An affordable price

LCGC cars are sold at a more affordable price than other standard cars, so they can be a good choice for people who have a limited budget.

Efficient in terms of fuel

LCGC cars are designed to have more efficient fuel consumption, so as to save on fuel costs.

Easy and inexpensive to maintain

Because LCGC cars use simple technology and spare parts available on the market, the maintenance and replacement costs for these car parts are cheaper than standard cars.


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