Aryanto Misel’s Striking Statement for the Government and National Agency for Research and Innovation which Has Slaughtered the ‘Nikuba’ Results

[ad_1] – Lately, there has been a lot of talk about the findings from Aryanto Misel, namely Nikuba or an extension of Niku Banyu.

Aryanto Misel’s work has now received attention in the world of research and innovation, including from the government and related institutions such as the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) which are often considered important to support the development of innovative projects.

However, there is a statement by Aryanto Misel who expressly chose to reject it.

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Aryanto Misel, a talented researcher who flatly refuses any assistance from the government and BRIN. This article will outline the reasons behind this statement.

Aryanto Misel has earned a reputation as an independent and innovative researcher in recent years.

His statement to refuse any assistance from the government and BRIN was based on several different reasons.

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First, Misel prioritizes independence in its research and innovation. This is evidenced by uploading a video during a telephone interview session with one of the private TV stations. “Indeed I do not want to be funded from any party,” he said.

Misel wants to maintain his freedom to make decisions without any external interference that could affect the course of his research or project.

He believed that by refusing help, he would have complete control over his own vision and goals so he could continue his research again.

Misel considers the risks associated with dependence on external funding sources that may not be reliable for a long time.

By refusing help, Misel seeks to build a business model or alternative source of funding that is more sustainable and reliable.

Apart from that, the bureaucracy associated with receiving assistance may also be a consideration for Misel.


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