How to Choose a Suitable Motor Oil to Maintain Vehicle Engine Performance? Check out the Guide Here

[ad_1] – Motor oil is one of the vital elements in maintaining the performance of your vehicle’s engine.

Selecting the right oil for your motor is very important to ensure optimum protection, efficiency and engine longevity.

Here is a way that has been summarized to choose a suitable motor oil.

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Check Manufacturer’s Directions

The first step you should take is to refer to the instructions for use or your vehicle’s manual.

Manufacturers usually provide specific recommendations regarding the appropriate viscosity, specifications, and brand of oil for their engines.

Ignoring the manufacturer’s recommendations may risk damaging the machine and voiding the warranty.

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Precise Viscosity

Oil viscosity refers to its thickness and ability to flow over a wide range of temperatures.

Typically, oils have a viscosity marking such as 10W-40 or 20W-50.

The first number indicates the viscosity at low temperature, while the second number indicates the viscosity at high temperature.


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