Today’s Viral News, Honda Brio Video Has Damaged What? Consequences and Because of What? Let’s see the explanation

[ad_1] – There is a video circulating on social media showing the Honda Brio car having damage to the car’s paint.

In the recording uploaded by the Instagram account @terang_media, you can see a yellow Honda Brio car with a body paint that has peeled off in several parts.

In the upload, it is narrated that this was caused by a neighbor who was jealous of the car owner, so the vehicle was doused with paint remover (a mixture of paint strippers that is effective for removing/peeling off wall paint, enamel paint, lacquer, baking, printing, polishing, varnish and others on the surface of walls, wood, and metal.

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“Allegedly there are neighbors who are jealous, a car was doused with paint remover so it was damaged and had to go to the garage,” wrote the upload narrative.

However, it is not known exactly what caused the incident.

Head of the Jakarta Center Honda Workshop, Denny Sulistyo, said that chemical fluids (hard chemical liquids) if left on for a certain time could reduce the quality of the vehicle’s body paint. “If it’s like the video, the only solution is to repaint the car body,” said Denny.

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Meanwhile, the cost of repairing a damaged car body due to the use of hard liquids such as paint remover requires quite a bit of money.

Reaching tens of millions of rupiah. “The cost of repairing all body paint is around IDR 15 million. If consumers have insurance, they can consult the insurance company, whether the insurance that the customer has can cover damage like this,” said Denny.


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