Taiwan Excellence’s Featured Products to Present at the INAPA 2023 Exhibition


BONSERNEWS.com – To enhance the industry’s image and help Taiwanese companies seize big business opportunities in the auto parts market in Southeast Asia, Taiwan Excellence participated in the largest auto and motorcycle parts exhibition in Southeast Asia, Indonesia International Trade Show for Automotive Industry-INAPA 2023 for the first time the first time on May 24-26.

The Taiwan Excellence Pavilion, organized by the Taiwan Foreign Trade Bureau which is part of the Ministry of Economy of Taiwan together with TAITRA, this time selected 14 Taiwan Excellence award-winning companies to participate in the exhibition, and introduced 21 kinds of products with innovative value such as automotive electronics, spare parts automotive parts, smart mobility and the like.

“Indonesia is the largest car sales market in Southeast Asia (ASEAN). Most of the spare parts needed for vehicle assembly are imported in semi-bulk form, which is also Taiwan’s export prowess. In addition, currently the Indonesian government has included the electric vehicle industry as a major development industry, and the market potential is huge,” wrote TAITRA in a press release, Friday 19 May 2023.

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Taiwan’s auto parts industry has the advantages of excellent component design and manufacturing capabilities, good factory management capabilities, and highly flexible production. While continuing to develop the Traditional AM market, it is also gradually changing in line with the global trend of net zero carbon emissions. Relying on the advantages of the IT industry, together with the R&D of manufacturing advanced parts and automotive electronics, Taiwan has successfully entered the International electric vehicle supply chain.

Responding to the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the rapid development and sales of electronic smart cars and electric vehicles, as well as the demand for electric vehicles driven by urbanization in Indonesia, the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion introduced products related to electric vehicles, such as AEON MOTOR, SINPO ELECTRONICS, NOODOE, MSI Technology (Micro Star International), CONQUER ELECTRONICS, covering electric vehicles, electric vehicle motors, electric vehicle charging management systems, smart electric bus public transportation solutions, and electric vehicle circuit fuses.

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MITAC DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY, EVERFOCUS ELECTRONICS, CHIMEI MOTOR ELECTRONICS also launched in-vehicle video management solutions, electronic rearview mirrors, and AI wheel differential assistance systems for commercial vehicles in blindspots, which can be applied to a wide range of vehicles and can improve driving safety . 3D MATS´╝îKENDA, CUB ELECPARTS, ZEALIO ELECTRONICS, LUCIDITY ENTERPRISE, TIRE HON INTERNATIONAL introduces auto parts such as 3D car mats, tires, tire pressure detection systems for commercial vehicles, door sill plates, LED taillights, engine oil , and other auto parts can improve the quality and comfort of driving.

The Taiwan Excellence Pavilion at INAPA will be present at booth A2I2-01, Jakarta International Expo (JIEXPO) Kemayoran, Jakarta from 24-26 May. The press conference will be held on the first day of the exhibition (May 24), introducing highlight products from auto electronics and electric vehicles, and promoting the high-quality image of Taiwan’s auto parts industry.

The previous INAPA event in 2019, consisting of exhibitors from 34 countries including Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Singapore and Australia with a total of 1,048 companies participating, managed to attract more than 20,000 potential buyers from 28 countries.

This is the first time INAPA has returned to offline exhibitions after the COVID-19 pandemic, this exhibition includes the Indonesian International Electric Vehicle Exhibition, Two-Wheeled Vehicle Exhibition, Indonesian International Parts Exhibition, and also the Indonesian International Tire and Rubber Industry Exhibition. ()


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