It turns out that these are some of the best-selling motorbikes in Indonesia, still controlled by 2 Japanese giants!

[ad_1] – The best-selling types of motorbikes in Indonesia are currently still controlled by 2 giant automotive companies from Japan.

The best-selling types of motorbikes sold in Indonesia are dominated by general motorbikes for daily activities originating from Japan.

The need for 2-wheeled vehicles in Indonesia is currently very high, making motorbikes from Japan the best-selling in Indonesia.

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Honda and Yamaha still dominate the motorcycle market in Indonesia, they are even able to sell thousands of motorbikes in one month.

This naturally happens Indonesia is the largest motorcycle market in the world with a population of around 267 million people.

This high demand has made many motorcycle manufacturers compete to win the hearts of Indonesian consumers.

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However, not all motorcycle products have been successful in selling in Indonesia. The following are some of the best-selling motorbikes in Indonesia:

1. Honda Beat

Honda Beat is an automatic scooter motorcycle which was first introduced in 2008.

This motorbike has a modern design and advanced features, such as a 110 cc eSP engine, LED headlamps and a digital instrument panel.

In recent years, the Honda Beat has become the best-selling motorcycle in Indonesia with sales reaching millions of units per year.

2. Yamaha NMAX


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