How to Take Care of the Honda Vario 150 CVT, Do This If You Don’t Want Your Motorcycle to Damage Quickly!

[ad_1] – Honda Vario 150 is one type of motorbike matic which is quite popular in Indonesia and how to care for this CVT motorbike is very important.

Having a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) transmission system that makes it easier for motorists to change gears automatically, do how to properly care for the Honda Vario 150 CVT motorbike.

As with motorbike engines in general, the Honda Vario 150 CVT also requires regular maintenance and servicing to maintain optimal motorbike performance.

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Here are some ways to service the Honda Vario 150 CVT that you can do.

1. Change the CVT oil regularly

The oil in the Honda Vario 150 CVT is very important to maintain transmission performance and prevent excessive friction on transmission parts.

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You have to change CVT oil regularly, usually every 10,000 km or every 6 months.

Make sure to use CVT oil recommended by Honda to maintain optimal motorbike performance.

2. Periodically check the quality of CVT oil

Apart from changing the oil regularly, you also have to check the quality of the CVT oil regularly.

Make sure the CVT oil on your motorbike is still in good condition and not contaminated with dirt or water.


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