How to Overcome a Motorcycle Key that Can’t be Turned, without Needing to Be Taken to a Workshop

[ad_1] – Usually the problem with the motorbike key that cannot be turned can be a very annoying problem and needs to be taken to a repair shop.

Especially if the motorbike key cannot be turned when you are in a hurry or stuck in an unsafe place, finding a repair shop is quite difficult.

However, there is no need to worry if the motorbike key cannot be turned because there is no need to take the motorbike to a workshop or locksmith.

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There are several reasons why the motorcycle key won’t turn, such as a broken key, stuck or sucked key, or a problem with another part of the motorcycle lock system.

Here are some ways to deal with motor locks that won’t turn:

1. Check Motor Lock

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Check whether your motorcycle key is broken or not.

Try using a spare key (if you have one) and see if it plays.

If the spare key also won’t turn, most likely the problem is not with the key.

However, if the spare key can be turned, it is most likely the primary key that is faulty.

2. Try the Key Shake Technique

Try shaking the motor key gently to the left and right while trying to turn the key.


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