Here’s How to Protect Your Car from the Heat Wave that’s Currently Hitting Indonesia

[ad_1] – A heat wave is currently hitting several countries in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia. Many appeals to cover yourself when traveling out of the house.

However, don’t just cover yourself so that you are not exposed to excess ultraviolet (UV) light, it would be nice to apply that to your car as well. Do not let your car ‘sun dried’ all day outside the house.

There is a danger that will lurk if you leave your car outside the house for too long. Such as damage to car paint to other adverse effects.

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Therefore, there are several ways that you can apply so that your car can be maintained properly even though a heat wave is hitting Indonesia.

Summarized from various sources, here is a brief review.

Park in the shade

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Try finding a shady parking spot such as under a large tree or in a garage. If there is no shade, use a shade cloth or a car umbrella to protect your car from direct sunlight.

Use a car cover

In addition to an umbrella, use a car cover to protect the car from the heat. Car covers can help reduce the temperature inside the car and protect the car paint from damage.

Use window film

Installing window film on car windows can help reduce the entry of heat and UV rays into the car.

Don’t leave the car in direct sunlight for too long


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